Old Salt Yacht Charters

Bareboat: STARDUST 46: US$(per week) 4060 - 7420

3-cabin version of the Privilège 465, built by Alliaura Marine.
A must for deep-sea blue water cruises. As always, very well built, this Privilege will amaze you with its performance and its cabins. Magnificent!
Cabins 4
Toilets 4
Capacity 8
Overall length 14,34 m
Beam 7,33 m
Draft 1,35 m
Sail surface 128 m2
Motor 2X56 hp
Fuel 600 l.
Water 800 l.

For more information:
Call Toll Free 1-877-736-0238 or 604-885-6735 or Contact: Barry Buckle